Gustavo Jaimes López

I am a Senior marketeer with more than 10 years of experience leading marketing teams and developing successful brands for top companies in the sporting goods industry worldwide. Over the last 10 years I have worked as head of marketing for Mondraker bikes, Specialized Bicycle Components, Scott Sports and Pure Electric. 

My job is to define a Long-term strategic vision and the platform and structure necessary to support it, not only in resources, but in plans, concrete actions and measurable results, orchestrating the talent of each marketing area and channelling them towards the achievement of the objectives. It is the red thread that unites, connects and transforms a brand into a real experience that customers can feel and live.

I am very passionate about what I do, I feel that marketing is very much my own thing, very deeply rooted. I like to work on Honest Marketing: a simple and truly style of marketing, focused on inspiring and transforming customers into lifelong fans, a human, person-to-person marketing. people are the lanterns that light us up.

#sustainable #environment #zerowaste 



PURE ELECTRIC / 2021- Today


Responsible for the company's marketing, branding and product strategy for the Spanish market.  Successful positioning of the brand in the local market and development of online and offline marketing channels, achieving projected sales of 7mm in the first year.

MONDRAKER BIKES / 2016- 2020 


Head of development and implementation of the corporate branding strategy.  Successful in the global re-positioning of the company as a high-end brand, changing the brand perception and increasing the average price tag from EUR 2.000 to EUR 5.000 resulting in an annual growth rate of 30%.

SCOTT BIKES CHILE / 2015 - 2016


Responsible for the positioning and development of the brand, including the design and  implementation of the strategic marketing and communications plans, increasing the revenue +80%.



Marketing leader for the Chilean market. Head of implementing the global strategy in the national market. Responsible for developing innovative marketing & communication plans and Go-to market Plans, repositioning the brand from 13th to top 3 position in Top of Mind & Market Share.